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Wine & Crime

Nov 29, 2021

The gals share strange stories of Christmas tree theft, a wicked wedgie, a trapped cat, menstrual cup mayhem, some Taco Bell that didn't sit well, a fudge-loving thief, and perhaps the most blunt obit in history. Tune in for this month's Gossip at the Corpse Cart!

Nov 25, 2021

This week, the gals get clinical and chat about some psychological head-scratchers. Topics include "the worst serial killer I've ever dealt with," one very disgruntled employee story that might sound surprisingly familiar... and what the heck forensic psychology even means. Grab a glass of Winc Far + Wide Frappato, make...

Nov 18, 2021

This week, the gals embrace their Nordic roots to chat about some naughty Northern Europeans. Topics include a casual submarine cruise, one very manipulative alleged cannibal, and why they're so damn happy. Mix up some blåbærsuppe, look for the Northern Lights, and tune in for Scandinavian Scandals.

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Nov 11, 2021

This week, the gals put on their aprons and roll out some stories of problematic pastries. Topics include the truth behind Subway's bread, a bear named Cookie, and a bookkeeper hungry for that sweet, sweet fruitcake fortune. Grab a bottle of Winc's Wonderful White Blend, check on your mother, and tune in for...

Nov 8, 2021

This month, the gals question the motives of police investigators. Topics include good cop vs. bad cop, a devastating technical malfunction, and the single most absurd quiz on the internet. Pour yourself a heaping glass of Question Mark Red Blend, call your lawyer, and tune in for Intriguing Interrogations.

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