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Wine & Crime

May 29, 2023

In a tipsy twist of events, Rhythm on the Rocks’ Frizz & Bob are joined by special guest Kenyon from the criminally comical podcast, Wine & Crime! Buckle up as we dig deep into some of the most infamous murder ballads. We get straight into the eye of Bob Dylan’s “Hurricane,” discover what Southern scandals lie...

May 25, 2023

This week, the gals strap on their brain buckets and drop in for some gnarly crimes. Topics include the evolution of sticky shoes, one pro's very violent projection, and the return of Tech Decks. Refill your glass of Warpigs Nemesis Divina, limber up your fingers, and tune in for Skateboarding Crimes.

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May 18, 2023

This week, the gals toss some dough and dish about a couple of crusty cases. Topics include a well-placed billboard, smuggled San Marzano cans, and the perennial debate about pineapple. Top off your cup of Piazza Grande Spumante Rosato di Modena, eat your crust, and tune in for Pizza Crimes.

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May 15, 2023

This month's GACC delivers a moose on a mission, some NSFW marshmallows, loose poop, a fake confession, a make out sesh on a memorial bench, Japanese corpse hotels, and the mother lode of mother guilt. Tune in now for May's Gossip at the Corpse Cart!

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May 11, 2023

This week, the gals practice their secret handshake to whisper about some exclusive societies. Topics include boys' club nonsense, a bloody global pact, and the freshest police impersonation uniforms imaginable. Swirl the edible glitter in your glass of Blue Ridge Estate Inspiration Rosé, fire up your holograms, and...